CSE411 - Introduction to Computer Systems Administration

Summer 2017


Instructor: Ken Smith
Location/Time: Capen 262 Mon/Wed 1pm-4:20pm
Office: 353 Davis Hall
Phone: 645-4763
Email: kensmith@dcsl.buffalo.edu
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:00pm excluding class times
Lab Web Page: http://www.dcsl.buffalo.edu
Course Web Page: http://www.dcsl.buffalo.edu/~kensmith


This course introduces some of the things a Computer Systems Administrator would need to know. You are expected to already know the UNIX Operating System at the user-level. A few of the things that will be covered are: There is a strong lab component to the course in which you will have some hands-on exposure to administering the systems. Most of the machines will be running either Linux, Solaris, or FreeBSD. There will be other systems running different variants of Linux, OpenBSD, and perhaps others made available as well for some of the homework assignments.


Grades will be based on:

Grades will be "straight letter grades", no +/- grades.

The Exams will be open notes. The Exam dates are:

The project dates are also scheduled but these are TENTATIVE dates. Actual dates will be depend on how fast we progress through the course material. The dates will be announced in class and via email. The tentative dates are:

The CSE Department has a very strict policy on cheating. Anyone caught cheating will fail the course. Additionally any financial aid provided by the Department will be withdrawn. All work for this course is to be an INDIVIDUAL effort. You must do all the work on your own with no help from classmates or other students. Generally speaking the Instructor is the only human being you should seek help from.


The lab is as yet undetermined. It shouldn't be needed at all for Project 1. Something will be worked out for Project 2.


There is one optional textbook:

The lecture notes will be provided in class. They will not be made available electronically due to printer abuse by previous classes.

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