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UNIX References

Here are a few links to help learn more about UNIX past, present, and future.

UNIX Tutorials

Here are a few references that can help students in courses supported by the DCSL lab that are not comfortable doing basic user-level things on UNIX systems get started learning some of the basics.

UNIX Organizations

  • Bell Labs: Birthplace of UNIX
  • Bell Labs: How UNIX was born
  • USENIX: Source of conferences and other educational material on UNIX

UNIX Architects

  • Dennis Ritchie, Designed the "C" Programming Language and was in the group of people who first worked on UNIX at Bell Labs.
  • Brian Kernighan, Developed many of the programming tools (e.g. the "k" in "awk")
  • Marshall Kirk McKusick, Worked at Berkeley's CSRG

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