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Current List of Machines

What equipment is available in the lab varies semester by semester, depending on which of the course is being taught. Among the things that may be available to students in the lab are:

  • six Sunblade-100 computers, each with two 15Gb disks and one CD-ROM drive running Solaris used for the hands-on projects
  • two Ultra-1 servers running Solaris used for homework assignments
  • two large PC Servers running FreeBSD
  • six PC's running FreeBSD as "crash machines"
  • A variety of old PC's running a variety of UNIX variants

In addition to the student-accessible systems there are several other machines in the lab that provide support services (backups, OS install server, primary Web/FTP servers, etc.). The lab is wired on its own separate network since students working in the lab typically have "root privileges" on at least some machines. This also tends to make the network topology "more interesting" for the students taking the courses. As of the Spring 2001 semester the core of the lab network has been upgraded to a Gigbit switch. A few of the servers are connected straight to this switch and there is a Gigabit downlink to the main 10/100-Base-T switch most of the lab machines are connected to.

Machines change around quite a bit so this table is probably wrong but should be close... Several machines are only accessible to the system support staff.

Operating System
lorax FreeBSD 4.9 Gateway into lab, DNS master, console server
hooper FreeBSD 5.2 Web Server
onceler Solaris 9 Backups/JumpStart/FTP
van-vleck FreeBSD 5.2 cvsup server (and Instructor's Hideout)
mack FreeBSD 5.2 Primary FreeBSD Server (i386)
sneetch FreeBSD 5.2 Compile Server (i386)
beastie FreeBSD 5.2 Primary FreeBSD Server (sparc64)
cubbins Solaris 9 Primary Solaris Server
grinch Solaris 9 Compute Server
horton, yertle Solaris 9 Tape Server in lab
jo-jo, max, mayzie, mc-gurk, sally, sneelock Solaris 8 Student Workstations
cindy-lou FreeBSD 4.5 Student Workstations
mc-phail RedHat 7.3 Primary Linux Server


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