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CSE499SMI/CSE700SMI - Independent Study

This is for people who would like to construct their own course as an elective. It requires meeting with the Instructor BEFORE REGISTERING to decide on exactly what will determine satisfactory completion of the course. You need to have your own ideas about what topic(s) you would like to work on. During the semester there will be at least weekly meetings with the Instructor to review that week's work towards the course and where to proceed from there. Typically the student can choose some topic of interest to them and research that topic under the Instructor's supervision. What else will be required (writing paper(s), programming project(s), setting up system(s), etc.) depends on exactly what was agreed upon as the goal of the course in the pre-registration meeting between the Instructor and student.

Please note that due to "normal job" committments plus the committments to teaching one course each semester you are strongly encouraged to seek Independent Study courses with other Faculty members. Most often it is only people interested in helping work out new and interesting material and/or potential projects for CSE422 that can take this Independent Study course.

The instructor for this course is Ken Smith, who can be reached by sending email to kensmith@dcsl.buffalo.edu.

Send comments: webmaster@dcsl.Buffalo.EDU